Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Week 10.

This week's blog will discuss our presentation which we carried out during class last Thursday. Although we were scheduled to present third, I believe, we actually presented first as the group which was supposed to go first was not ready. For our presentation we created a video and uploaded it to Youtube. Phoebe introduced our group which a quick explanation of what our project was to outline. She then posted the link to our video into the class chat so everyone could watch it.

We actually had made various adjustments to our presentation since my last blog post. Instead of having everyone speaking for about 40 seconds each we decided to each come up with points from our allocated time of day and put them into a Google document. We then refined the document as a whole to derive our finalised presentation script. We put the script into a voice generator which we found on Google so as to let the voice present apposed to our own individual voices.

The reasoning behind this was we wanted to generate some sort of robot voice as nowadays there is less and less human interaction. We wanted to experiment with the notion that in the future most aspects of life may be operated by robots. I have read a quote online by Kristen Soltis Anderson which further amplifies this notion of robots taking over.

"The robots are coming, whether we like it or not, and will change our economy in dramatic ways."

The script played  over an approximately five minute video which had music in background and images on screen which related to what was being said at the time that they were shown. We wanted to take a slightly light hearted approach and include a hint of humour into the presentation. This being said, we mainly wanted to include facts about the environment which got our message across.

The feedback from John was good as was the feedback from Locks. However, it was noted that we should have credited the source for our chosen backing track and the images which we used. This is something that is important when it comes to intellectual property and it is something which I will be aware of for further projects like this! 

Overall I was pleased with how our presentation went as I feel we took a unique approach to the task and presented it in a humours yet informative manner. I think my group felt the same as they were also very happy because of how it went. Although we were slow to get a start on this project, I feel we really tied it together as a group and came out with a successful outcome. 

References: Kristen Soltis Anderson. "Robot Quotes". Accessed December 19, 2018.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Week 9.

As our presentation is due next week, we decided to physical meet up in order to fully outline and go over the project. The fact that our whole group is in the same course made this easy to facilitate as we met up at break during class on Thursday.

We have decided that we will be speaking about ways to go about a day in our work life in the future which will be most sustainable for the environment. We will begin in the morning and end at night. To make the presentation run smoothly we have been each allocated a time of day, for example I will be speaking about lunch time. As the presentation should last five minutes, we have each roughly 45 seconds to speak on our allocated time of day. I feel this was organised quite well and think it is the most efficient and thorough way to carry out the presentation. 

As I will speak about lunch time at work. I have decided I will discuss the points of using left-over dinner as lunch, walking to the shop rather than taking the bus in the event you need to buy lunch, opting to bring meals which don't need to be re-heated which may use electricity and so on. 

We also decided the way in which we will present. This is that we will record a video and put the video onto Youtube and send the link into the chat in class. The video will consist of us narrating whilst holding up pages with key words from what we are discussing. We have planed to meet up tomorrow and record the video.

I was really pleased with this weeks meeting due to the fact that we acted efficiently in regard to the organisation of the presentation. Ultimately I believe all members were happy with the outcome and are looking forward to putting together the presentation during next week! 

Friday, 30 November 2018

Week 8.

This week we decided to meet up on Wednesday. We found that everyone in our group was able to attend the meet up apart from PS12 who was in work. In order to resolve this we decided that we would host the meet up in our Facebook group chat opposed to virtually meeting up in a Second Life location. This way PS12 would be able to scroll up through the messages which we sent in order to catch up on what was spoke about regarding the project.

Initially we decided that everyone should once again read the brief and derive our own opinion regarding what it is about and what is required. Thankfully, we all had very similar interpretations of the brief and so this made it much easier when deciding what we would do it on.

We came to the conclusion that we would base our project around the notion of working in an online world in the future and the impact which it would have on the planet in the future. This would save the over use of resources such as paper which has a negative impact on the environment.

We also decided that we might try make some kind of animation with a narrative audio. This could be uploaded onto Youtube and the link sent into the chat in class so that everyone could watch it in terms of ways of presentation.

I felt this week we made the most progress in terms of out project and as a group as a whole. I felt we all communicated well and agreed on each other's ideas. Hopefully this continues in further meet ups!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Week 7.

Prior to class we decided that we would finally meet up. We chose a time which suited everyone which was half an hour before class would start. This was ideal as most of the members would be free at this time in order to prepare for class at 8.However, Mclmichelle had a problem with her internet connection. To accommodate this we said we would meet up after class.  Unfortunately, Lukebob was unable to attend the meeting. 

Initially we met up at Social Island but the microphones were not working and so we were unable to converse with one another. We said it would be best to return to the class room where we knew we wouldn't encounter problems with our microphones. Once back at the class room we were free to talk to one another about the project. We shared our opinions and thoughts on both the project and how we were working as a group. We set out our aims for the next class but most importantly we decided on how we would present our project. There was various outcomes for this be it by sound or by linking a video on Youtube. We settled on creating a presentation and copying the link into the chat in class so that everyone could view it and then we could discuss it with the class.
 We decided to take some group photos! Who knew you could take a selfie on second life...

Week 6.

Yet again we did not get our group together for a meet up. However instead of not communicating together as a group whatsoever, we decided to hold a conversation in our Facebook group chat in regard to the topic of the project. This was definitely an improvement from week 5 where we did not meet up or discuss the project at all and so I was pleased with this! As long as we made some type of progress whether that be big or small I feel it still counts and still helps us to be able to work together to achieve our end goal! 

John reminded us in class to complete each section in our blog i.e. the 'about me' section. I had not done so before this so I decided to do so. This will help my audience gain a greater understanding of me as a person and get a better take on me as a writer in regard to my blogs. John also stated the notion that it would be best for our blogs to be written with an academic approach all the while exploring different yet suitable writing styles. It is true that as said in class, punctuation , grammar and proof reading are all important aspects of efficient blog wiring.Those which I will strive to work on to improve my blogs.

Week 5.

  1. For week 5 our class was rescheduled. It was settled that class would take place on the Wednesday opposed to having it on Thursday as usual. I think perhaps this scattered our group slightly as we did not meet up due to the fact that we were unable to chose a time that suited everyone! Perhaps in the future we should just meet up even if it is only two or three members, just so we can get a start on what needs to be done for the week to avoid backlog. I am slightly scared that at at this point we are behind and there may be a bit of backlog in the future however I have belief that we as a group can easily resolve this.
    I feel that it is difficult when changes in schedule arise when working in a group as it upsets the dynamic and the flow of this due to some people being unavailable. I suppose when this occurs we should try not let it become a problem and take it amongst ourselves to resolve any issues that may have come about.

Week 4.

Unfortunately at week 4, we as a group decided that we would skip our meeting. We were all just very busy due to contrasting schedules and hadn't quite had much time to think about the project and so didn't have much to bring to the meeting. 

To resolve this we just decided to have a brief chat in our Facebook group. We touched on the project and the outcomes: how we might approach this and and what it may entail. This of course was a start but however, it was a slow start. Although we didn't begin to worry. I feel we were all beginning to become aware of the capabilities of each other as individuals and as a group which I think instiled the notion that we will have a solid outcome at the end of this module!

Week 10.

This week's blog will discuss our presentation which we carried out during class last Thursday. Although we were scheduled to present th...